Tagg 2.0.2

Personal file tagging utility


  • Excellent idea
  • Support for many tags for each file
  • Great search tool


  • The tagging process needs improving

Very good

Have you noticed how information is categorized in certain blogs and websites? Each post, article or review is assigned a series of tags to identify them and make them easily searchable for future reference.

Tagg enables you to do exactly the same with all files in your hard drive: tag them with meaningful, descriptive words that help you categorize data in a more convenient way, beyond the typical folder structure. File tagging in done in the Tag file tab and requires files to be scanned before starting to actually tag them. While the scanning process is quite fast, it can take a while depending on the number of files you plan to tag. Tagg includes a handy preview window, but unfortunately it soon stops working due to trial limitations.

Once the program finishes scanning, files are ready to tag. You can add up to 18 different tags to files, although I must say the process is somewhat tiring. Also, after having tagged a certain amount of files simultaneously, you can only add new tags to them by selecting them one by one.

Tagg offers an innovative and handy way to categorize and search files in your hard drive.

Tagg lets you organize your files by attaching tags and descriptions onto them. You can tag single files, multiple files or multiple directories at once. Tag files on removable media such as magazine cover discs and clipart CD-ROM's/DVD's, this allows you to search the contents of your discs without having to place them into the drive.

Create simple Tags such as 'document' or create more complex hierarchical tags such as 'documents.property.insurance' with the tree builder. The program includes Fast file searching - search terms can include the file name, directory name, tags, file title and description.

See what this program features for you:

  • Build up search criteria with the interactive tag graph panel.
  • Apply file type filters to narrow your search.
  • Build up your search terms quickly via the Insert Tag context menu.
  • Save searches for future use.
  • Create Search Folders for grouping saved searches.
  • Missing files or volumes highlighted in search results display.
  • Launch files directly from the search results display.



Tagg 2.0.2

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